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On Leadership

On Sat 24 Jul 2023, The Karenni community celebrated the 148th anniversary of their National Day. The Karenni traditions, language, dress and music were kept alive through participation by the community's youth in cultural performances.

For me, watching Emily Moe host the event brought home the meaning of leadership. Emily Moe is a receptionist and interpreter at Utopia. It is very easy at work to see someone as just their role. We often see our colleagues as "nurses", "doctors" or "receptionists" and don't realise that outside of the workplace, they fulfil important roles as leaders in the community.

In addition to her superb public-speaking at the event, Emily worked tirelessly behind the scenes to prepare the venue, coach some of the dancers and organised the sporting events that ran parallel to this event at the weekend. It is an absolute honour to have such a superstar as Emily working at clinic. Well done Emily and all of those who made this event possible!


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