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Nursing Services 

Utopia nurses are experienced in refugee health. Eligible services are offered at no cost to refugees and asylum seekers. Note, we are seeking a new nurse to join our team in 2024

Our nurses offer the following services:

  • Catch-up vaccinations for new arrivals and updating Centrelink

  • Care plan and team care arrangements (for those with an eligible chronic disease)

  • Assistance with accessing allied health providers

  • Wound care and dressings

  • Assistance with weight loss

  • Assistance with smoking cessation, reducing alcohol intake, gambling problems and drug use problems

  • Health education e.g. how to use inhalers and spacer, how to use blood glucose meters

  • Women's health - cervical screening, contraception, unplanned pregnancy advice, incontinence


Anyone who wishes to see the nurse needs to be registered as a patient of one of the GPs at Utopia clinic.

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