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Social and Emotional Well-Being

Utopia clinicians recognise the impact of torture and trauma on the mental health of survivors. Our clinicians are experienced in assessing mental health conditions in refugees and asylum Seekers.

We are able to offer the following services:

  • GP-led care for people with mild-moderate mental health conditions

  • Social worker and counselling services for adolescents and children

  • Focused psychological strategies provided by GP Dr Mariam Tokhi

  • Referral to psychotherapy services tailored to survivors of torture and trauma

  • A psychiatrist who  works with us once a month

  • Assistance with accessing NDIS and Centrelink payments for people with chronic mental health conditions

  • Shared care of people with severe mental health conditions with other partner agencies such as Foundation House, Next Door Psychology, Mercy Mother and Baby Unit and Orygen Youth Health.

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