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There are some great organisations across Melbourne doing excellent work with refugees and asylum seekers. So what makes Utopia unique?

Location, Location, Location!

Utopia is located in the far west of Melbourne right in the heart of where thousands of refugees and asylum seekers live. People wishing to access our services will not have to travel far


Tailor-made for refugees and asylum seekers

Utopia has experience in refugee health. This is not simply some add-on service to a mainstream health centre. Our services are specialised for the

needs of refugees and asylum seekers. We offer onsite treatment for many conditions that mainstream GPs would be unable to provide. Our patients can access treatment close to their homes and avoid the costs and inconvenience of specialist visits for many conditions.

Karen man.png

Philip Moo Eh is a member of the local Karen community who has assisted with getting the clinic started

Truly grassroots!

There are no big corporations involved in Utopia. Dr Lester Mascarenhas, the founder is an employee in a non-for-profit health organisation. Utopia is being set up by individuals with the help of small businesses. For example - Philip Moo Eh is a refugee from the Karen state of Myanmar who has assisted with the building works

We're free for asylum seekers!

Utopia offers pro bono GP services for asylum seekers.

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