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Dr Lester Mascarenhas

General Practitoner Refugee Health


Utopia was founded by a team of seven people headed by Dr Lester Mascarenhas.

Dr Lester Mascarenhas is a Melbourne general practitioner who works with refugees and asylum seekers. He qualified in the United Kingdom in 2003. Since then he has worked in cross-cultural medicine, initially with Indigenous Australians in rural and remote areas, and since 2011 with refugees and asylum seekers in Melbourne's north and west.

He is an activist for social justice and is determined to contribute to addressing health inequalities and environmental issues.

If you would like to contact Lester, please click here.

Lester would like to acknowledge the team who are involved with the Utopia project and without whom this venture would not be possible.

  • Alex Fearnside

  • Alistair McKeown

  • Ben Thompson-Star

  • Lynette O'Dwyer

  • Meredith Temple-Smith

  • Sarah Chong

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