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Infectious Diseases Physician


All Medicare card holders can access this service, regardless of whether they are a refugee or asylum seeker. Note, non-healthcare card holders who are not refugees or asylum seekers may incur an out-of-pocket cost for this service. please check with our practice manager

The service is overseen by Dr Kasha Singh (infectious Diseases consultant, Victorian Infectious Diseases Service, Royal Melbourne Hospital).

Dr Singh works at Utopia once every 3 months and provides a comprehensive infectious diseases service including management of latent TB, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV.

Dr Singh is assisted by the S100 Utopia GPs who may see patients in between Dr Singh's visits. 

GP referral is required for this service. Please note, your referral will be triaged and will accorrdingly be allocated to Dr Singh or one of our three S100 GPs

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