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A thank you to our brothers and sisters in the Muslim community

Utopia is a secular organisation. Our plurality enables us to absorb the best of many philosophies from around the globe be it Buddhist enlightenment, Christian love or independent philosophical thought.

Our connection with the Muslim community through our registrar Dr Amireh Fakhouri has shown how one community can reach out and help another through their generosity.

Dr Fakhouri has this to say about her community:

With great generosity, the Muslim Community living in Wyndham have donated $4,000 to our Emergency Relief Fund! Many local Muslims seek spiritual rewards when assisting refugees in starting a new life in Australia, given a lot of them are migrants themselves. Moving to a new country with minimal family and financial support is challenging, and Muslims empathise with our new refugees and are willing to offer financial assistance to alleviate their challenges and inequities.

It is a religious requirement for Muslims to pay “Zakat” which is donations to the less fortunate on a yearly basis which is calculated as 2.5% on their personal assets. It is an Islamic ruling to ensure those who are financial struggling are being looked after by those who are wealthier.

We highly appreciate the generosity of the Muslim Community, and would like to personally thank them for selecting Utopia Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health as a recipient of their Zakat donation.


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