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Towards a new model of care

As Medicare turns 40 this year, bulk-billing rates plummet. Our health service is universal in name only. The finger needs to be pointed squarely at successive federal and state governments for under-funding our health services and passing the buck between each other. Recent progressive changes including the tripling of the bulk-billing incentives and My Medicare registration system do not mean that the job is done and dusted. The Federal government cannot rest on its laurels.

The answer lies not just in spending more; but also spending smart. Funneling even more funds to large, inefficient healthcare providers is costing us. We need more small, creative, innovative and responsive actors in the mix. Medicare is a precious resource and smart governments need to invest in care that is able to deliver value Photo courtesy of James Ross/AAP Photos for money.

Journalist Farid Farid from the AAP has captured the essence of Utopia which aims to provide not just good care but to provide it at the lowest possible cost. At Utopia, we are not driven by a parochial desire to just secure funds for our organisation; The view we take encompasses the idea that if we spend public funds responsibly, the outcomes for us as citizens are better.

This week, Utopia has been granted charity status by the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission. We are implementing the changes within our organisation structure and will keep you posted. We are grateful to finally be recognised for the community service we provide. Will our Federal and State governments be smart and creative enough to invite us to the table?


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